Understanding Motorcycle Insurance

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance 1920 1281 Suburban Insurance

When the weather is cold and frigid it’s hard to imagine anyone would be thinking about motorcycle insurance. It makes complete sense because most people don’t fully understand that motorcycle insurance is more than just motorcycles. When you see a company offering motorcycle insurance you don’t think that this could also include several other types of vehicles like ATV’s, golf carts, snowmobiles and scooters. 

If you were unaware that all these vehicles fell under the motorcycle insurance category and your interest has been sparked, let’s get into the specifics.

What is motorcycle insurance

We know motorcycle insurance is coverage for motorcycles but it doesn’t stop at just standard motorcycles. It includes many other types of vehicles and customized motorcycles, too. It can also include coverage for apparel and roadside assistance so when you’re shopping for insurance for your motorcycle, make sure you keep this in mind so you can find the best coverage for yourself or loved ones.

Things to ask when shopping for motorcycle insurance:

What is covered:

If you have a custom bike or expensive apparel, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered in the event of an accident. Make sure you ask your agent about the items your policy covers and if there are any limitations or restrictions. Some companies will offer built in and optional coverage that includes safety apparel and custom parts and equipment. There are companies that offer exceptional service/coverage with dedicated underwriters who specialize in motorcycle insurance. These companies understand that you don’t have to add kids to your policy if they don’t use the bike. This will afford a big cost difference if you only have to insure the actual motorcycle user. 


Getting a discount is always a nice surprise but getting a discount of up to 20% is a fantastic surprise. If your policy doesn’t offer coverage for multi-cycle, companion policy, garaging, recovery device, anti-lock brakes or prior insurance you’ll want to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal out there.

Policy coverage:

Every policy will differ in the base coverage that is offered. If you’re looking for base coverage that includes $1000 in safety apparel coverage per rider that includes helmets, gloves, boots and jackets that are damaged due to a collision with no deductible, that option does exist and Suburban Insurance can help you find the right policy that includes this as part of their base coverage.

Another item to look for in base coverage is custom parts and equipment (CP&E) coverage. What this means is that if your bike has custom exhausts, hand warmers, after market GPS systems and LED lights there are policies out there that will cover those customized items to $3000 of replacement costs. Also, make sure your policy automatically includes original equipment manufacturing (OEM) parts coverage. 

Harley Davidson Owners:

If you’re a Harley Davidson owner check to see if your policy includes genuine Harley Davidson parts to repair your motorcycle that includes the 2 year Harley Davidson replacement parts coverage. Including replacing your total loss Harley with a motorcycle 2 years newer, if available, in the event of total loss. 

Now that you have a general idea of what types of options you should be looking for in base coverage, let’s talk about expanding your coverage with other options. 

Optional Roadside Assistance:


Trip interruption coverage


Dead battery

Flat tire

Lack of essential fluids

Let’s take a closer look at what some of these optional coverages mean.

Towing: if you find yourself in a difficult position where you need towing service you’ll want coverage that’ll pay for your towing to the nearest, qualified service provider.

Labor: pick an option that covers labor charges starting from the time and place you broke down due to electrical or mechanical issues.

Lack of essential fluids: in the event that you need gasoline, oil or water this option will have you covered.

It’s time to delve deeper into other specifics including vehicles and drivers that are eligible versus ineligible under your motorcycle insurance policy.

Eligible vehicles:


Snow mobile


Golf carts


Non-dune buggy UTV’s

*Ineligible vehicles:

Vehicles made for children

Nitrous oxide kits

Certain fork or handlebar extensions


Go carts

ATV’s with 3 wheels or over 6 wheels

Some motorized bikes – if the motor was installed by anyone other than the manufacturer


Dune buggies

Liability only vehicles:

Customized bikes with over $20,000 of custom equipment.

Homemade kit bikes

Custom choppers

Limited production cruisers over $40,000 in value.

Driver Eligibility:

Determining driver eligibility is not cut and dry but you’ll find yourself having a more difficult time if you’re:

Under the age of 14.

Require an SR22.

Do not live in the same household as the insured.

You do not hold a license in the United States.

Some additional deciding factors for eligibility will be major violations, at fault accidents and multiple violations.

How you’ll be using the vehicle will have some weight in eligibility so if you’re using the vehicle for personal use only it’ll be a lot easier to find coverage. However, if your intentions involve using the vehicle for business or commercial use, renting or leasing to others or, you intend to use the vehicle for racing or other speed contests these activities are not permitted.

*If you find yourself falling in the ineligible category, this doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot find coverage. It just means it will not fall under motorcycle insurance.

Target customers:

Companies that offer motorcycle insurance will have preferred customers that they try to target. If you find yourself in this category, your chances of finding a motorcycle insurance policy that you’re pleased with will be very easy to find.

Experienced Harley Davidson cruiser and bike owners with good driving records. 

Over 25 years old.

3 or more years experience insuring or owning off road vehicles or motorcycles in the last 5 years.

Have a high credit score.

As you can see, finding good motorcycle insurance is not difficult if you are armed and ready with the knowledge to make an educated decision about your needs. 

Leave the difficult job of finding the best policy for your needs to Suburban Insurance and free yourself up to enjoy your vehicles with the peace of mind that you’re fully covered. 

Please give Suburban Insurance an opportunity to help you find the best motorcycle coverage. Even if you currently have coverage but you feel that you can benefit from some of the additional options you read about here, we’re happy to have a discussion with you.  

Call us today or fill out this form and we’ll call you to talk about all your options for motorcycle insurance.

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